Gadget Sidebar in Windows 8 and Windows 10...
It's possible!!!

Download and install :: DesktopGadgetsRevived-2.0.exe
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:: [ USING CMD.exe in advanced configuration settings tab ] ::

CMD.exe #Par #Cmd  these is equal to open a sheell window and type CMD.exe /C start MSTSC.EXE /v: using the example of the screenshot, the command exec a remote desktop console tor the url of the address at standard port
is the paramer/s for the cmd.exe
#Cmd is the real programs, shell, batch launched by the CMD.exe command.

MSTSC.EXE /v:%A is translated in MSTSC.EXE /v: if we suppose that in the ip field of these entry is set to

   %A : IP or URL
   %N : Name
   %D : Description
   %E : ExtraData
   %W : WebLink
   %S : row state (see below)
   %s : row state description (see below)
   %P : position (1,2,3,...,50)

Row states:
   -4 : All item paused, item INactive
  -3 : All item paused, item active        
   -2 : Config error                        
   -1 : Paused                              
    0 : Only during gadget startup          
    1 : Alive, normal                       
    2 : Slow link                           
    3 : Fail                                
    9 : Dead link                           

Then ... CMD.exe /C start MSTSC.EXE /v:   what does it do?

CMD.exe: open a shell window whith parameters (#Par) and then launch a specified command (#Cmd)
   /c : Carries out the command specified and then stops (without waiting for termination)
   startrun a specified program (graphical not only scripts)
MSTSC.EXE: start a Terminal Server Connection, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
   /v: used for specify the address of the server that will be contacted the remote server ip (an example)


:: [ WIKI ] ::

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