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Gadget Sidebar in Windows 8 and Windows 10...
It's possible!!!

Download and install :: DesktopGadgetsRevived-2.0.exe
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VERSION 5.0 guidelines !
  - HTTP ping for testing if a web site is on line (guideline)
  - TTL values differentiated for each host (guideline)

:: [ About Current Version 4.1] ::  Released [27/01/2013]

Windows gadget for desktop.

Keep Alive for IP address or urls.
Up to 50 items.
Graphical TTL with max,min and last times.
Real time monitoring and graph.
Weblink,Ping, tracert, DNS lookup and customizable and parametric command/batch/script.


:: [ Features ] ::
 - checking for newer version automatically << New!
 - flyout redesigned : bigger, clear and with more info << New!  
 - 2 different timeout for normal and max retard (normal range highlighted in flyout) << New!  
 - on state changing can be activated CMD.exe and/or sound alert << New!
 - settings more clear and with more info
 - item sorting << Improved!
 - item moved or renamed don't lost histroy and statistics << New!
 - global reset button for all statistics on main window < Improved!
 - backup/restore and export/import of the gadget settings
 - CMD.exe < Improved!
 - clean persistent setting file (in case of incosistency at startup of settings file)

For 64bit OS problems see these link :: Change Sidebar from 64bit to 32bit mod


:: [ Screenshots (Ver.3) ] ::  (Coming soon for new screenshots updated!)

   # Main window :: with icons and rows highlight, TTL (displayed or not) and lock&restart icon for pausing all server in one click

Main window

   # Flyout :: description, ip, current state, graph (60 points) and values, last good and bad ping/sequence, buttons for: weblink (open browser windows with the link specified in settings, tracert, nslookup and shell launcher (see documentation); icons for live monitoring with continuous ping, reset statistics and graph, temporary pausing the single server


    # IP LIST panel :: ip listing with detailed informations and listbox for moving entry in another position

IP list settings IP list settings detail

   # CONFIG panel :: parameters, click configuration advanced configuration for cmd execution (see documentation)

config panel

   # CMD panel :: configuration for the SHIFT+click function (see documentation)

cmd panel

   # ADVANCED panel :: clean, backup/restore and import/export funcions

advanced panel

   # HELP panel :: icon list

help panel

   # ABOUT panel :: with new version checker

about panel


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